Kids Club World – Edutainment Center For Kids

We are happy to unmask an arena of Children, It’s “Kids Club World Edutainment Center”, especially meant for Quality Education and to develop Positive Personality in children, but our ultimate aim is to achieving bright future to every child who joins us. To fruit this dominant intention the Kids ClubWorld Edutainment Center has certain unique ideas, we introduce certain entertainments which have wisely choose to cope with the Kid Psyche and to bloom a particular way of Education bridging to Entertainments and we would like to call it as “Edutainment”. Our inspiration strictly follows the wellbeing and goodness of the children, and we most value an ethic based system though our “Kids Club World Edutainment Center for Children” device. It’s really a combination of Education and Entertainments and all members deserve the advantages wholly enabled to them. We sure Kids Club World Edutainment Center has everything that you would prefer from a quality exposure. We invite children to participate with Kids Club World Edutainment Center and enjoy the benefits.
We use Vocal and Instrumental techniques include:
It has Singing sessions and storytelling; the language will be English and Malayalam.
Rhymes and Drawings are an integral part of this device.
We use GK Videos and Magic Box.
The Edutainment designed for Kids (up to age 16) reveals the method “Education blends with Entertainment” includes lot of ideas include uplifting of positive energy and confidence in children. We target our children to achieve a bright future and to become quality citizens of India.

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